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company culture

Enterprise Culture

Our mission: To make yachts that everyone can enjoy

Our vision: One step ahead, forever in a hundred years.


The core values of our company: “Dare to take responsibility, accept challenges, accept criticism”, strive to be first-class employees, create first-class products, and create first-class enterprises.


The business philosophy of our company: To take the customer's needs as the navigation mark, customer satisfaction as the center, product research and innovation as the driving force, strengthen the talent team construction, adapt to the market demand, and realize the win-win situation of enterprise, employee and society.


Corporate development strategy

 “To create a high-quality brand in China and produce the world's top yachts” is the career that Flit boat group striving for.

 Our mission of the company is to make yacht that everyone can enjoy. The development goal of the next stage is to achieve product quality, supporting platforms and sales scale to occupy the leading position of yacht industry, and further establish Flit’s leading position in the international market.


Overall development: expand production scale, enhance boat supporting services, and build a comprehensive structure of enterprises


Directionality: Technology leads the future


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